A World Without Photosynthesis!


Process of Photosynthesis

This is the diagram of the process of Photosynthesis
1.Photosynthesis  is a combination of light energy, carbon dioxide and water.
2.Green plants, blue - green algae, and certain bacteria are able to carry out photosynthesis.
3.Photosynthesis receives water from either through roots or the leaves.
4.Carbon dioxide is taken in and released through the stomata.
5.Photosynthesis allows the chlorophyll inside each leaf to capture energy.
6.They use light and the green in their leaves to make sugar from carbon dioxide and water.
7.The energy from sunlight is used to build carbohydrates, also known as sugar, are the plants' food 
8.The plant uses the sugar but also stores some.
9.The sugar is then used to give the plant energy so that it can grow. 
Green plants use energy from the sun, water, carbon dioxide and minerals to make food.
This is the process of photosynthesis

Importance of Photosynthesis

This shows that plants provide us with medicine, oxygen and food.
1.It gives the plant food and energy when photosynthesis is carried out.
2.The plants depend on the glucose for their energy and growth.
3.Animals and plants both synthesize fats and proteins for carbohydrates.
4.The oxygen released ( with water vapour as transpiration ) as a photosynthesis by product.
5.It provides most of the atmostphere with oxygen vital to respiration in plants and animals.
6.It provides sugar to make starch, fats and proteins.
7.Carbon dioxide + water = glucose + sugar
8.It provides oyygen and food for us.
9.Photosynthesis means to put light together to convert energy for food.
10.They help to provide us with fresh air. 
Plants provide us with fresh air.
It also provide food for us. For example, your vegetables and fruit.
This shows how a plant grows towards sunlight to recieve more sunlight

How will it affect the plants and animals if there is no photosynthesis

1.There will be nothing to help us replenish oxygen, no vegetables for us to eat, no sugar or even shelter for some animals!!
2.Animals who rely on plants for food will start to die, as well as carnivourous and omnivorous, because they also eat food,which consists of the herbivores, animals which eat plants.
3.There will be more carbon dioxide and plants will have to fight for oxygen with us.
4.The plants will also die as there is no photosynthesis to help them make food.
5.The whole world will be in danger as there are no plants for us.
6.There will also be no plants to decorate our rooms, houses or schools!
7.There will be no more parks or gardens!
8.We cannot receive anymore fresh air for breathing.
9.Plants are an important source in our lives.
10. Without plants, we would not be where we are today!

Our Suggestions

     If you bulild a sun shade, plants will not be able to photosynthesize and we will not get oxygen and food.We understand that your reason to put the sun shade over the entire country is to block the sun rays. The causes of skin cancer may be caused by the UV rays or the long exposure to the sun. Instead of building the sunshade, you, as a mayor, should advise your people to stay indoors more often or put more sun block lotion. You can advise them by putting up a advertisement.
     This is what we think. I hope that you will consider about our suggestions. Building a sun shade isn't a very good idea, isn't it? A saying goes," Don't put off today what you can do tomorow." Nevertheless, if you do not find our suggestions good, we will respect your decision to build the sun shade. Thank You.


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